ELE2340 - Digital Signal Processing - 2020.1



              This course aims to introduce the fundamentals of digital signal processing and detail the main tools employed in the area. The main digital signal processing techniques are studied along with illustrative examples of diverse applications in electrical engineering.



I.   Discrete Signals and Systems

II.  Sampling Techniques

III. Discrete Transforms

IV. Structures of Discrete Systems

V. Design of IIR Filters

VI. Design of FIR Filters

VII. Multirate Signal Processing and Filter Banks

VIII. Statistical Signal Processing



              2 Exam Papers (E1 and E2)

              7 Lists of assignments (L)

              Final Grade (FG):  FG = (E1+E2+L)/3


Past Exam:


Lecture notes:

              Chapter I

              Chapter II

              Chapter III

              Chapter IV

              Chapter V

              Chapter VI

              Chapter VII

              Chapter VIII


Lists of assignments:

                            List 1

                            List 2

                            List 3

                            List 4

                            List 5

                            List 6

                            List 7




Matlab Codes:


                            impulse and step functions

                            generation of "analogue" signals: generate analogue signal




1.  OPPENHEIM, A.V., SCHAFER, R. W., Discrete-Time Signal Processing. 3a Ed. Prentice Hall, 2010.

2.  MITRA, S. K., Digital Signal Processing: A Computer-Based Approach, 4a. Ed. Mc-Graw-Hill 2010.