PUC-Rio 5G Lab





The laboratory of fifth generation (5G) wireless communications aims to study and develop innovative solutions for the next generation of wireless communications systems. The lab is based at the Centre for Telecommunications Studies (CETUC) of PUC-Rio and conducts research activities in:

o   communication theory,

o   signal processing,

o   network architectures,

o   information and coding theory and

o   antennas, propagation and channel characterisation.

Its mission is to deliver innovative engineering solutions through liaison with industry, technology transfer, testbeds and training.




Rodrigo de Lamare

Martin Haardt

Emanoel Costa

Peng Li

Lukas Landau

Alex Li

Sheng Li

Yunlong Cai

Yuriy Zakharov

Wence Zhang



João Dias

Rodrigo Pereira David

Tong Peng

Silvio Pinto


PhD Students:

André Flores

Flavio Luiz Duarte

Alireza Danaee

Silvio Pinto

Zhichao Shao

Roberto Brauer di Renna

              Thiago Bittencourt


Research Topics:

o   Massive and distributed MIMO systems

o   Precoding and detection algorithms

o   Network MIMO and relaying

o   Error control coding

o   Cloud radio access networks

o   Millimeter-wave communications

o   Multicarrier communications and new waveforms

o   Small cells

o   Physical-layer security techniques

o   Big data


Selected Publications:

Massive MIMO:

R. C. de Lamare, "Massive MIMO Systems: Signal Processing Challenges and Future Trends", URSI Radio Science Bulletin, 2013. pdf presentation

Network MIMO:

P. Li and R. C. de Lamare, "Distributed Iterative Detection with Reduced Message Passing for Networked MIMO Cellular Systems", IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2014. pdf


K. Zu, R. C. de Lamare and M. Haardt, "Generalized Design of Low-Complexity Block Diagonalization Type Precoding Algorithms for Multiuser MIMO Systems", IEEE Transactions on Communications, 2013. pdf


R. C. de Lamare, "Adaptive and Iterative Multi-Branch MMSE Decision Feedback Detection Algorithms for Multi-Antenna Systems", IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, October 2013. pdf


Matlab Codes and Tools:



o   ITG/VDE Workshop on Smart Antennas 2015

o   IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing (SAM) 2016


Job opportunities:

              PhD studentship 1: Please check the advert

              PhD studentship 2: Please check the advert

              Postdoctoral fellowship for 3 years: Please check the advert


Funding and support:



Science without Borders