The Ninth IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workshop       
10th-13th July 2016, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


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Rio de Janeiro


Special sessions:

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5th February , 2016

Submission of Papers
11th March, 2016

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29th April , 2016

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16th May, 2016

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16th May, 2016

Advances in Bayesian Methods for Signal Processing

Organizers: Marcelo Bruno and Petar M. Djuric

Structured Sampling and Covariance-Driven Estimation 

Organizers: Piya Pal

Information Geometry for Signal Processing and Communications

Organizers: Charles C. Cavalcante and Sueli I. R. Costa

Recent Trends in Adaptive Signal Processing and Applications

Organizers: Vitor Nascimento and Rodrigo C. de Lamare

Performance Bounds on the Mean Square Error: What’s Up Doc?

Organizers: Eric Chaumette, Pascal Larzabal and Alexandre Renaux

Radar Signal Processing: from Transmit Waveforms to Receiver Designs

Organizers: Jian Li and Maria S. Greco

Recent Trends in Massive MIMO

Organizers: Wence Zhang and Rodrigo C. de Lamare

Non-Circular Signals and Widely Linear Processing

Organizers: Wolfgang Gerstacker

Signal Processing over Graphs

Organizers: Antonio Marques, Santiago Segarra and Alejandro Ribeiro

Recent Results on MIMO and Relaying 

Organizers: Bartolomeu F. Uchôa-Filho and Didier Le Ruyet

Signal Processing for Assisted Living Technologies 

Organizers: Fauzia Ahmad and Yimin D. Zhang

Tensor Signal Processing

Organizers: Laurent Albera, André de Almeida and Martin Haardt

Investigating Wireless Communication through Measurements

Organizers: Sebastian Caban, José A. García-Naya and Jesús Ibáñez

Recent Trends in Optimization

Organizers: Alexandre Street and Davi Valladão

Distributed and Multichannel Smart Sound Processing

Organizers: Alberto González and Roberto Gil Pita